Hi, I’m Jordan, a Toronto based Art-Director.
Mitsubishi North America



Mitsubishi is a brand with low levels of recognition but high product quality. We broke through standard auto content with multiple creative content series that told human centric brand stories. 

Pieces of Summer

Summer is the time to live life to the fullest; our vehicles facilitate that. This series pulled together items from summer travel to evoke memories and tell a visually unique story.

Tailgate Manuals

The superbowl is one of the biggest events in the world. We developed a content series that showed consumers how the Outlander PHEV can become a centrepiece to any football tailgate. Tailgate Manuals. Each manual offered a recipe of a quarter finalist city, Kansas City Electric Chili to San Fran 49 Layered dip. Illustrated in owners manual schematic style, show how to use the outlander’s power outlet to create mobile meals.

Room to Roam

Seeing is believing, so we brought together all the items you might need for specific trips in stop-motion style. These journeys were made possible by a specific product feature of the Mitsubishi Outlander, it’s lage storage capacity.

PHEV Education

An educational series explaining the features and technology behind the acronym rich world of PHEVs.

Spring Cleaning ASMR

There’s something about a fresh clean and organized space that promotes a feeling of calm and wellness. We’d bring this idea to life through the oddly satisfying video. Extreme close-ups of squeegies, vaccums and car wax, with ASMR like audio enhancing the experience.

Out of Office

We announced the begging of summer vacation season by focusing on the feeling of freedom you get once you officially log out of outlook or walk out of your school. That feeling is sometimes better than anything else you will experience all summer. So we created a series of postcard based reels with a modern spin on the traditional postcard message.

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